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Life is full of valid excuses - it’s our choice to accept them or not. 

Sandbag squat

The Beginning

FitCulture was built in quarantine in the heart of Brooklyn. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we saw the need to provide our community with an outlet to come together and pursue their health and wellness in a safe and responsible way. We held our first training session in a park in Dyker Heights, and for 6 months straight, week in and week out, rain or shine we did not let any excuse get in the way of this movement - to promote the growth of our teammates, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and socially as well. 

This is a community of likeminded people who work to better themselves, to support each other and to grow each and every day. No matter what lies ahead of us, we won’t be stopped. We CAN’T be stopped, because we won’t accept it. 

The Beginning

The Team


Coach Joey’s entire life has been about fitness. At the age of 16 he achieved the rank of black belt in two martial arts systems. In high-school his athletic career turned to the lacrosse field and the weight room. During his collegiate years Joey fell in love with teaching kickboxing group fitness classes. Wanting to further his ability to help others with their health and fitness goals he completed the NASM Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications. He has improved the lives of hundreds of clients over the past decade working in the fitness industry.



Coach Kara has always had a passion for fitness and athletics. Growing up as a child and throughout high school, her life revolved around practices and games involving sports like basketball and volleyball. This focus on fitness followed Kara into her adult life. During her collegiate years, you could find Kara in class obtaining a Masters Degree in School Counseling by day, and in the gym by night. It only took a few months for her to realize that there was a strong connection between her focus in school and in the gym. She loved helping people whether it fell under a social emotional and academic umbrella or on a physical level. She progressively decided that the next step was to inspire and motivate people to become the best versions of themselves through health and fitness. She became certified in teaching kickboxing group fitness classes where her devotion to helping people really shined through. Kara’s career in fitness is continuing to grow as she is continuously learning in the competitive and life-changing field.



Growing up in a dojo, Miranda has lived fitness from the young age of 4. 
"I was raised to believe that fitness is a form of religion; a way of life. I couldn't imagine doing anything else because my passion for teaching continues to grow." 
With 20 years of teaching experience under her belt, Miranda has taught a variety of workout classes.  After attaining the rank of black belt in both Ju-Jitsu and Karate Styles, Miranda launched her own Martial Art School and successfully ran it for over 10 years.  With a sparring background, her passion for helping others maximize their fitness potential; she was fiercely drawn to cardio Kickboxing classes.  Becoming certified to teach group fitness furthered Miranda's passion for working out.  
"Running a fitness class is my opportunity to share with others how crucial working out is to BE ALIVE."

FIAO Il Centro Brooklyn

Il Centro (The Center)

We are incredibly grateful and proud to be in partnership with the Federation of Italian American Organizations FIAO IL CENTRO, located at 8711 18th Ave Brooklyn NY.  Learn more at their website.

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